What to Know When Buying a Foreclosure

plainfield il realtor on foreclosures

Tips on Buying a Foreclosure | Plainfield IL Real Estate Agent

plainfield il realtor on foreclosures

As the real estate market continues to stabilize, foreclosures are plentiful enough to attract buyers. Many think that this is an easy route to take to get a good deal on a house. However, banks are certainly not looking to give away their properties. Understanding how they work is tremendously helpful when buying a foreclosure. Get the inside information from professional Plainfield IL Realtor Jeff Gregory.


Timing Matters

It is sometimes assumed that when you find a property that has been in foreclosure on the market it means you can put in a low offer. If the property has not been on the market long, it is unlikely that your offer will be accepted. The asset companies that work with banks will price them in accordance with their worth. Any decrease in price will be in accordance with their regulations. These regulations allow for reductions, but these don’t come into play until the property has been on the market for a period of time. Ninety days is a typical benchmark to monitor. As a real estate agent in Plainfield IL knowing the time wait is important. If you think that the set price is too high, it might be worth waiting. An experienced Plainfield IL real estate agent will be able to identify these signs. For help in buying your next home, contact professional Plainfield IL Realtor Jeff Gregory.

Find Out the Worth

They say that they nothing in life is free, and this certainly applies to the housing market. Buying a property that has been in foreclosure might afford you a good deal, but don’t expect too great of a reduction in price. Find out the worth of the home. One strategy observed as a Plainfield IL real estate agent is to set the price too low. The goal here is to try to get several potential buyers interested in a home and then go to the mats with a bidding war. Work with your real estate agent to find out what other homes in the area have sold for. This will help in determining the home’s worth and will be valuable during negotiations.

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Be Ready

When you do find that great deal on the house you love, be ready to act quickly. Preparation for this will include getting pre-approved for a loan, knowing what you can afford, and having a solid understanding of the market worth of the property. When a house goes up for sale in a seller’s market, many buyers will show up. If the deal is a good one, you will need to move quickly and provide the most compelling offer. Hiring a qualified real estate agent that understands foreclosures will be your best chance of getting the house. For help buying a home in the Plainfield IL, contact Plainfield IL real estate agent Jeff Gregory.



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