Photography Tips When Selling Your House

shorewood il realtor on real estate photography

Listing Photo Advice from Shorewood IL Realtor

shorewood il realtor on real estate photography

In years past the open house was the first impression that potential buyers would have after putting your house on the market. With the dominance of the internet, these days are long gone. Buyers are now looking through listings on their laptops, ipads, and smartphones. This means that if your home is not represented well online then you are likely missing out on reaching many home buyers. As a Shorewood IL real estate agent, marketing homes in the most effective ways possible is a crucial service for home sellers. Here are a few tips about first impressions online from experienced Shorewood IL Realtor Jeff Gregory.

Always Use Photography

If you are selling your home, using photography is a must these days. Buyers will scroll right past a listing without any photos. Even photography that is of lower quality will be overlooked. The home might be just what they are looking for, but if the photos don’t accurately reveal the quality of the house, buyers just won’t look at it. As a real estate agent in Shorewood IL, it is recommended to have professional photography by a company that specializes in real estate. Not all photography is the same. Real estate photography includes both indoors and outdoors. The position of the camera, use of flash, and editing that go into good photos is best left to the pros.

Preparing for the Photoshoot

Before the day that the photographer shows up to take photos of your home, make sure that all de-cluttering and staging is complete. Turn on all the lights and remove any furniture that is not necessary. Get rid of personal décor like family photos and art as well. The idea is to make it easy for potential buyers to envision living there. Make sure to remove any cleaning items, dishes, shoes, and put the toilet seats down. Serving sellers as a Shorewood IL Realtor includes everything from planning to preparing to closing.

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Which Photos to Take

Make sure to get enough photos to cover the house. Start with the exterior and move inside. A professional real estate photographer will know what shots are essential. The living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are a few rooms to take special care. It is also good to include creative shots of unique architecture and items like that fireplace or the beautiful garden in the back. For more thoughts on preparing your home to sell, or for help putting your house on the market, contact Shorewood IL real estate agent Jeff Gregory.

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