selling a home to millennials plainfield il real estate agent

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selling a home to millennials plainfield il real estate agent

There’s something special about connecting the right seller with the right buyer in a real estate transaction. When it comes to selling one’s home it is important to find a buyer that is reliable and a good fit for the property and surrounding community. Understanding what the home has to offer and finding a buyer whose preferences match the home is a fulfilling accomplishment. One part of this process is gaining and communicating the wants and needs of home buyers. The majority of home buyers last year were millennials and that will only increase in 2018. Thus, it is important for sellers to understand those that will be buying homes this next year. Here are a few traits of millennial buyers that will no doubt further penetrate the Plainfield IL real estate market this next year.

Research in Seconds

Growing up in the technological age means that information is accessible at all times. Taking one’s word for it just doesn’t compare to doing a quick search on Google with one’s cell phone. Assumptions are challenged by an insurmountable amount of research available on the internet. This means that your listing needs to be available on many online home search platforms and presented well. Rely on your top Plainfield Realtor to accomplish this task. Almost all home buyers searched online for a home last year and almost sixty percent ended up buying a home they found using their smartphone. It is important to use professional photography when listing your home online and incorporate buzz words like “luxurious,” “captivating,” or “stainless.”

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Updated and Ready

In general, millennials want things to be updated and as close to perfect as possible. Living in a culture where there are many options for almost anything they are accustomed to shopping around to find the perfect…everything. This goes for home shopping as well. There is little interest in the “fixer upper” when it comes to this generation. They also do not have much money nor time to invest in maintenance or renovations. Many of them have college debt and are focused on growing careers. The takeaway is to upgrade as much as you can leaving little for the home buyer to improve once they move in.

Technology and Home Automation

Automating your home seems to be the future and millennials can’t get enough. There are systems to control the heat in your home, make cooking more efficient, increase home security, save money on your hot water usage, etc. And of course, everything can be controlled by your smartphone. Talk with your Plainfield Realtor about which upgrades will be most appealing to the buyers in your area.

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