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9 Tips for a Better Plainfield IL Home Appraisal

When it comes time for you to sell your home in Plainfield IL, you’re going to want your home appraised for top dollar.  With a little preparation, you can actually affect the appraiser’s number by following a few simple tips.


  • Keep the inside of your house clean.
    • Dirty carpets and walls can have a negative affect on your Plainfield IL house appraisal.  Pick up any clutter, keep your home organized, vacuum, and generally keep your house as clean as possible.  If an appraiser can tell that you don’t generally keep up with cleaning your home, they will be more suspicious of damage that has gone unattended.
  • Keep the outside of your home clean.
    • Overgrown landscaping, weeds, overgrown hedges, and a dirty exterior is a dead giveaway to an appraiser that you haven’t taken care of your home.  If the outside of your house looks like a foreclosure, the appraiser might compare it to the foreclosures or homes of lesser value in the area.
  • Keep good records.
    • Make sure to keep a record of any and all improvements that you’ve made to your Plainfield IL home in the last 15 years and give a copy to the appraiser.  Plainfield IL appraisers aren’t perfect and can miss some improvements like new insulation, a newer roof, new bathroom fixtures, or a new furnace.
  • Have your Plainfield real estate agent find comparisons.
    • Have your Realtor take a look around for other homes like yours.  You might notice something that an appraiser has missed.
  • Making fixing a priority.
    • If you want the highest ROI (return on investment) you’ll want to paint, replace carpets, update lighting fixtures, and keep your plumbing in great shape.  Make sure you’re fixing your home as things break.  You’ll want your house always at it’s best.
  • Be a good neighbor.
    • Make sure that you really know your neighborhood.  If there have been any upgrades to schools, playgrounds, historic designations, or new sidewalks or streets, let your appraiser know about them.  Any of these improvements could improve your appraisal.
  • The $500 rule.
    • Appraisers have a rule that if any needed repair is over $500, they’ll reduce your assessment.  Appraisers value homes in $500 increments, so be sure to fix anything that has the potential to reach this threshold.
  • Your home has an “effective age”….you need to know and understand what that is.
    • The effective age of a home is the age an appraiser will assign to your Plainfield IL home.  This is based on the general condition of the home, and any updates that have been made.  If there are too many visible repairs that need to be made, even minor repairs, then your home will be given a higher effective age.  You’re home will then be compared to other homes of a comparative effective age, which will result in a lower appraisal value.
  • Be accommodating to the appraiser.
    • Turn on your HVAC system for the appropriate weather conditions.  This will, not only ensure that the appraiser is comfortable but will also let him/her know that your HVAC system works.  Leave the appraiser alone and don’t follow him/her around the house.  Remove your pets to protect the appraiser and yourself.  Save all of your questions until the appraisal is complete.  Try not to distract the appraiser as it might make them miss something important.

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