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10 Low-Cost Tips and Home Improvements to Sell Your Minooka IL House Fast

sell-your-minooka-il-house-fast Even great homes can sometimes stay on the Minooka IL real estate market too long, losing the homeowner money and potential buyers each additional day that the house is on the market.

There are many obstacles that can hinder the sale of a home to potential buyers, some out of the control of the home seller.  However, the majority of what turns homebuyers off really just boils down to a lack of outstanding presentation.

In this increasingly competitive Minooka real estate market, the condition of your house will be one deciding factor to beating out your competition.  If you want to sell your Minooka home faster without lowering the price, consider making your property look more appealing by doing these inexpensive home improvements.

  1. You can only make a good first impression once.
    1. The first thing you need to do is organize and declutter.  No one is going to be able to see themselves in your home if it is a mess.  If you’re too busy to do a good cleaning, hire a professional cleaning service to make your home sparkle.  The better you clean and organize, the more your space will look attractive and spacious.  If you need help finding a qualified cleaning company as your Minooka IL real estate agent for a referral.
  2. Be clear about what is being purchased.
    1. Pack up and put away anything that could distract from the house itself.  Remove any unnecessary furniture (like a random chair in the corner).  Take out all of your rugs and put them in storage.  All of this will help to show off your floor space, will make the house look larger, and will help the potential buyer envision themselves living there.
  3. Do general maintenance and get anything repaired that needs it.
    1. Take a look around to see if there is any chipping paint, holes in the walls or floor, leaky faucets, windows that need sealing, etc…  Because you live in the home, you may not notice every little flaw, but homebuyers do.  Flaws, no matter how small, are like a neon sign to homebuyers that are looking for price reductions.  If need help finding a qualified handyman to help with repairs, ask your Minooka IL real estate agent for a referral.
  4. Rearrange your furniture.
    1. If you’re like most people, you’ve arranged your furniture like you’re playing a game of Tetris, “let’s see how much we can squeeze into this space!”  Try rearranging your furniture to let the most available light in, make conversation spaces, and to make the house look larger than it really is.  Remember, floor space sells.
  5. All spaces look better in great lighting. 
    1. No one likes the green hue of a fluorescent light, dim or non-functioning light fixtures, or an old chandelier in a modern space.  Make sure that all of your light fixtures are up to date and that they match any updates that you’ve made to the rooms.  Put new bright bulbs in every fixture and have an electrician fix any fixtures that aren’t working 100%. Your Minooka real estate agent should have an electrician that they can refer.
  6. Kitchens sell.
    1. A great kitchen is one of the first things that a potential home buyer is going to look for and one of the first places a real estate agent is going to take homebuyers.  Get your kitchen in order, clean it and make it immaculate.  If the cabinets look worn or tattered, consider painting them or refinishing them.  Rustoleum makes a great kitchen refinishing kit that can be a fantastic alternative to refinishing the entire kitchen.
  7. Your floors should shine.
    1. Ever walk into a restaurant and the floors were sticky?  Yeah, gross.  Same goes for your home.  Get your carpets steam-cleaned, scrub and mop the hardwoods, and fix any scuffs or major damage.  If your floors look well kept, the house as a whole will look more appealing to buyers.
  8. No one likes a stinker.
    1. I’m not suggesting that you cover up smells with cheap potpourri.  Eliminate the cause of bad odors such as clogged drains, take out your garbage daily, and stop smoking in the house (if you’re one of the endangered species of smokers.)  Once you eliminate the cause of the bad odors, you can bring in some high-quality candles to make your house smell more homey.
  9. Clean up outside.
    1. Overgrown or shabby landscaping is a major deterrent.  Make sure that your lawn is kept, all of your leaves are raked, plant some seasonal flowers, pressure wash the siding, and clean up the front door and porch.  All of this will add to the curb appeal of your home and won’t scare off buyers before they even get into the house.
  10. Major fixes
    1. If you know that there are plumbing, electrical, furnace, water heater, or AC issues.  Any of these will be a potential price reduction.  Ask your Minooka real estate agent for contractor referrals to get these major items repaired.

Let Minooka IL Realtor Jeff Gregory show you more ways to get your Minooka IL home ready to sell quickly.  Jeff Gregory can walk you through all of the steps of the home buying or home selling process in Minooka IL.  Jeff is a home sales expert and can help you with selling your home in Minooka IL, Channahon IL, or Joliet IL and all of it’s surrounding areas.  Realty Executives Success real estate broker Jeff Gregory is here to help you sell your home and find your next dream home, partnering with you in every step of the real estate process.

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