preparing neighbors to sell with plainfield il real estate agent

Plainfield IL Real Estate Agent Neighborly Home Selling Tips

preparing neighbors to sell with plainfield il real estate agent

Getting things ready to put your home on the real estate market can be a significant endeavor. Most think of the typical tasks of repairs, renovations, cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging. These are good and necessary. Another task to add to the list is to relate with your neighbors during the time your home is on the market. This is important for two reasons. First, the presentation of their home will affect the sale of yours. Second, they will be getting new neighbors and it is a kind gesture to inform them of the coming change. Enjoy the following tips on relating to your neighbors during the sale of your home.

Potential Needs

When you are selling your home a number of issues can arise that will affect your neighbors. For example, you might share a fence that needs some repair. Defining property lines can sometimes be a bit tricky at times as well. Keep in mind that some buyers like to get to know the neighborhood before buying a home. It is a good idea to give them an accurate expectation regarding potential inquiries. Take some time to think through how the sale of your home might affect your neighbors. What types of things might you need to ask them?

Communicate Well

One of the best ways to prepare your neighbors for your home sale is simply to talk to them about it. You don’t need to give them all the details, but it will be to your advantage if they understand that you are moving, making your property as good as it can be, and some time estimates. If you have a neighbor that lacks in caring for their home, simply describing all that you are doing to improve your curb appeal in preparation for selling might encourage them to help you by investing some TLC into their home.

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Offers for Neighbors

One last tip when it comes to connecting with neighbors during a home sale is to actually offer to cover some of their home improvements. This might be a good option if you really think that the neighbors will have a negative effect on the sale of your home. If you choose to provide such an offer, do so with kindness so as to not offend them. Some neighbors might see it as an opportunity to save some money and do a little home improvement. For best results, talk about this option with your real estate agent. They have the expertise needed to determine if this is needed or not.

When it comes to putting your home on the market there is a lot to think about. From preparation to pricing to listing, many steps are involved. It is for this reason that using a qualified real estate agent is essential. They have the knowledge and experience needed to walk you through the entire process. For help getting your home on the market contact Plainfield IL real estate agent Jeff Gregory today!

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