help with moving expenses from plainfield il realtor

Plainfield IL Realtor Helps with Moving Tips

help with moving expenses from plainfield il realtor

Making it through closing on a new home is an exciting time. A whole new chapter in life awaits. But before you can settle in and get acquainted with your new community you’ll have to overcome the challenge of moving. Most people don’t like to move making moving companies an attractive service. This is a great option and it needs to be considered carefully. There are a number of costs involved and you could end up paying more than the original quote. Here are a few extra moving expenses to consider from Plainfield IL real estate agent Jeff Gregory.

Loading Up

There are a number of expenses related to getting all of your belongings ready for the moving truck. Many people assume that they will be responsible for putting their possessions in the necessary boxes leaving the lifting to the movers. However, you can actually pay for movers to pack as well. If you opt for this make sure you inquire about insurance. Watch for fees for unpacking and tossing the packaging materials as well. If you have furniture that needs to be taken apart, many moving companies will offer help at an hourly rate. If ease is your goal, these services can be very helpful. Just know that you are paying for the work to be done.


Moving companies are required by law to be responsible for the property that is in their care. However, this does not mean that you will get the full value of a damaged item. Released value refers to an obligation on the part of the company to cover sixty cents per pound per item. Shop around to find out additional coverage that can be purchased. Inquire about the type of coverage and all applicable fees. It is generally worth it to make sure that your belongings are covered during a move.

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Cost of Transport

Other costs related to moving pertain to the actual transport of your possessions. If the movers are required to carry your things more than fifty feet you may have to pay extra. Carrying things up a flight of stairs can incur another cost. If they need to hoist things like furniture to a second story or connect appliances you’ll end up paying for it. There may be a circumstance where the movers need to wait for a while. Keep in mind that you are paying for their labor and their time.

Having a financial plan for each aspect of buying a home is important to make it as good as possible, whether it be getting a loan, preparing for home maintenance or moving. For more help buying a home contact Plainfield IL Realtor Jeff Gregory.

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