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Get Organized with Realtor Joliet IL

organization with joliet realtor

The holidays are upon us which means family gatherings, festive meals, and a time for giving gifts to spread good cheer. This means that more items will be entering your home as well. For most homeowners, the influx of gifts requires some extra organization to keep things orderly at home. Now is a good time to prepare your home for the holidays with some organizational strategies. One of the premier real estate agents in Joliet IL, Jeff Gregory, has a few helpful insights.

Make a Plan

Before taking apart your closet to get things in order, make a realistic plan. Take an inventory of the items in your closet and ask yourself how often you use each item. Make a list of items you use daily, one for things you use weekly or monthly, then seasonally. You can also create a temporary space for things you will give away and another for things you can toss. Next, assess how much available space you have to work with. The idea is to make the things you use regularly easy to access and store away the things you don’t.

Helpful Equipment

When considering the amount of space you have to work with incorporate space saving equipment like a hanging shoe rack or hooks for coats, purses, necklaces, and belts. Storage bins are always helpful and vacuum storage bags can also make a big difference. Depending on your setup it might even be a good idea to restructure the shelving in your closet. For example, if most of the items you need to fit in the closet need to be on hangers, but you have shelves primarily, you might want to open things up by eliminating some of them.

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Stay Motivated

When taking on a big project like reorganizing your home is can be difficult to stay motivated. The task may seem too big or after pulling things out and working for a couple hours it might seem like little progress has been made. To keep yourself going consider asking a friend for help. Simply by working together, you can encourage one another in the process. It is also helpful to tackle the big things first. So instead of spending hours trying to find a place for each little item in your junk drawer, reorder the pantry items into a logical system. If you can see a big result in a small amount of time it will give you a feeling that you are really accomplishing something. Also, try not to get wrapped up in trips down memory lane if possible. Taking twenty minutes to sift through your high school yearbook and another fifteen to read old journal entries will erode your progress. This may take some self-control. Last, turn off your phone for the project. Notifications will only distract you from the task at hand.

A Home For Everything

This principle is key when reorganizing your home. There should be a place for everything. The things you use the most should have a home that is easy to access. It is also a good idea to have a space near your entryway for things that regularly get dropped on the floor or couch. So if you find yourself leaving your gym bag on the hallway floor everytime you come home from working out, create a space for it. Perhaps a bench with storage inside is the solution.

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For more tips and tricks and help with all things real estate contact Jeff Gregory today!

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