How To Save Money On Your Painting Projects

joliet il real estate agent save money on paint projects

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Joliet IL Real Estate Agent | How To Save Money On Your Painting Projects

DIY painting is a (relatively) quick and cheap way to freshen up a room. Here’s how you can save even more cash.

Painting projects are a fantastic and easy way to update and refresh the look of your home.  If you’re hoping to economize on your upcoming painting projects, here are some easy and painless ways to do it.joliet il real estate agent save money on paint projects

  • Choose the Best
    “I am not rich enough to buy cheapthings” – have you heard that saying? It holds true for so many things in life, but especially for house painting.

    You see, the primary purpose of quality paint is to protect your home from the elements, and its decorative value is just a nice bonus.

    So when you buy and use cheap paint, you are not saving any money, just the opposite – you are wasting it, because the thing you bought does not (cannot!) do what you bought it to do.

    The same goes for choosing painting contractors – low bidders have to cut corners on surface preparation (in addition to using cheap products) in order to make some money, and without proper surface prep the paint will not hold up well – you may have to repaint much sooner than you normally should, or even pay someone else to redo the job right away.

    You can avoid paying more and paying twice if you choose a reputable house painting contractor who will do the job right the first time.

  •  Skip the Painter’s Tape

    One of the many mistakes I made when trying to paint my first apartment was snapping up rolls of painter’s tape at the hardware store. Not only did it take a nice chunk out of my budget, but it also prompted my brother, the contractor, to give me that “Are you crazy?!” look that I’ve gotten so used to. I quickly learned that painter’s tape can be a handy little prep tool, but it’s not a necessity. At a few bucks a roll, painter’s tape can tack on a hefty sum to your total painting costs, especially if you’re painting several rooms.

    Instead, Contractor Brother gave me a quick lesson on how to carefully cut in around windows, doors, and ceilings with an angled trim brush. Inexperienced painters or those with unsteady hands-likeme-can also opt to use paint edging tools. To keep my project even cheaper, I used a piece of thin, rigid cardboard as a barrier between the wall I was painting and the area that I want to keep clean.

  • To touch up or not to touch up?

    Sometimes it makes sense to touch up your walls or ceilings, rather than incurring the expense and labor of re-painting the entire room. But it isn’t as easy as you might think to get a perfect match, even if you have some of the original paint leftover.

    The color or sheen of the paint can change over time, whether it’s the painted wall changing from sun exposure, or the paint in the can losing some of its original color over time.

    Here are some tips to make sure your touch-up job matches the original as closely as possible:

    • Try to use the same applicator for the touch-up that you used for the original paint job. If you painted with a roller, then touch up with a roller. Likewise, if you painted with a brush, you’ll want to touch up with a brush.
    • Use a light hand with the touch-up. Apply the touch-up paint very sparingly, and feather it into the existing wall.
    • If you have a lot of areas to touch up on one wall, consider just re-painting the one wall. It will be quicker and cheaper than re-painting the entire room, and if the color is slightly different, it won’t be as noticeable on such a large scale.

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