How to Create a Warm Inviting Winter Listing

channahon il real estate agent sell house in winter

(Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your home listing | Channahon IL Real Estate Agent

channahon il real estate agent sell house in winter

(Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Start With Your Curb Appeal

Winter brings many hazards and the death of many plants, none of which make a Channahon IL home look real appealing.  To up your curb appeal, start by cleaning up the exterior of your house.  Rake your leaves, shovel the snow and remove the ice from any walking paths, trim your shrubs, keep your front door well lit, and to add some color, use potted evergreens by the entrance.

Decorate Simply & With Elegance

Decorating for the holidays can add a welcome home feel, but don’t overdo it!  Potential buyers aren’t going to want to see your homes permanent features like your fireplace, completely covered with wreaths, lights, ribbons, and stockings.  Incorporate some simple and stylish finishing touches such as glass votives with ornaments, pine cones, and candles to give your home an elegant and inviting feel.

Use Splashes of Festive Colors

Don’t go painting an entire room with red and green.  Too much color can detract from a room’s features.  Instead, try using a couple of plaid blankets, silver or plaid throw pillows, and a splash of gold.  Fresh seasonal flowers throughout the home will appeal to most Channahon buyers.

Warm It Up With Some Lighting

Warm accent lights can create an inviting feel to any room.  Place some tea lights and pillar candles in lanterns around a room to give it a homey and romantic glow.

Brighten It Up A Bit

Because the days are shorter during the winter, you’ll want to show off as much natural light as possible.  Open all of the blinds, shades, and curtains to let light in and show off any views.  Make sure all of your fixtures are in working order and replace any bulbs that might have burned out.  Be sure that the Channahon home is well lit for any afternoon showings.

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Use these few simple ideas as a starting point to ensure that your home looks it’s best for winter showings.

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