house visit info from joliet realtor

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house visit info from joliet realtor

So the time has come to start visiting houses. By now, you should have a good idea of where you would like to live, desired features of the house, and your financial outlook. Great job! Now get prepared for walking through various homes with some of these considerations you will want to keep in mind from Joliet IL Realtor Jeff Gregory. Let his expertise and knowledge work for you.

Research First

The first point of research should be your preferences. How many rooms do you want? What does the kitchen contain? Do you absolutely have to have a fireplace? What about area schools or local transportation? How far are you willing to drive to the grocery store? Working with buyers as a real estate agent Jeff has years of experience helping buyers identify these preferences. After nailing down these essentials, research each house before you show up. Utilize listings posted on websites like to gain basic information on the house. Identify any aspects of the house that rule out that house as an option. Your goal is to determine if it is worth everyones’ time to actually visit the house. The better researched a home is the more profitable the visit will be.

Come Prepared

Bring your camera to take pictures of any aspects of the house that were not covered in the listing. You will also want a measuring tape. Measure the bedrooms and other areas that will require furniture. You might also want to measure doorways to determine if your furniture can make it through on moving day. Last, take a recording device or simply a notebook to record any thoughts you have about the house along the way.

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On the Visit

Take it slow and soak it in. Remember, you want to envision living in this house. Spend twenty or thirty minutes in each room will help you think through life in that area, and it will give you time to notice things you might not otherwise. For example, a quick walk through a bedroom might miss that strange sound coming from the duct work. Also, open the closet doors, peek under the carpet, and check out the cabinets. This might be your house, so make the visit count by being thorough. Be on the lookout for damage areas and mold. Water stained walls or ceilings are another thing to watch for. The idea is to be thorough.

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