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How To Stage Your Home To Sell | Joliet IL Real Estate Agent

home-staging-ideas joliet illinois realtor realty executives success jeff gregoryIn a survey in 2015 done by the National Association of Realtors, the average costs associated with staging a home was $675.  This might seem like a high price tag, however, it is important to consider the results that home staging produces.  In that same survey, buyer agents said that home staging made an impact on their buyers.  According to the staging company Buyers Desire Home Staging, 53% of their sellers claimed a higher asking price and 40% of those homes went under contract after the very first open house.  Their claim is that sellers received a 366% ROI (return on investment) for the money that they spent on professional home staging.

Here are the five key strategies to remember when staging your Joliet IL home:

  • Depersonalize:

    • Clear everything off of your refrigerator, now is not the time to display all those beautiful finger paintings or your phone bills.
    • Pack away your collections (knick-knacks). They are fun to showcase in your home with friends and family, but during the selling process, it’s better to store them.
    • Family photos – replace these photos on your walls with more general photographs. You don’t want blank walls, but you don’t want your family all over them either.  Remember, potential buyers are trying to envision themselves living there, photos of strangers is going to inhibit that process.
    • Pack away anything that is valuable that you don’t want strangers in your home to have access to.  Realtors do an overall good job at keeping an eye on their clients, but no one is perfect.  Pack up anything you don’t want to go missing.
    • Hopefully, you will have many potential buyers walking through your home, so it is not the time to leave out priceless family heirlooms.
  • Declutter & remove any excess:

    • Grab some garbage bags and go through your house room by room. Look for any items that are broken, worn out and things that just need to be trashed.  Once you’ve got the clutter under control, take 15 minutes twice a week to keep it under control.
    • Look for items to donate and immediately load them in your car and take them to a drop-off location.  Don’t wait, you might change your mind 😉
    • Pack away any extra items that you want to take to your new home that won’t add value to a potential buyer.
  • Decorate so that your best features are highlighted not hidden:

    • Remove some of your furniture. Less furniture makes rooms feel more spacious and open, something that most current buyers are looking for.  Many home stagers recommend that you keep only one-third to one-half of the furniture that you currently have in any room.
    • Arrange furniture and décor to highlight the focal point of each room. For example, if you have an amazing fireplace arrange your furniture around that as a focal point instead of your television.
    • If possible replace outdated items and fixtures. (this depends on your budget)
  • Light it up:

    • Bright is better.  Open your curtains and blinds.
    • Clean your windows to let the light shine through. Dirty windows are not appealing and will detract from the light coming in and the view of the outside.
    • Move furniture away from your windows to allow more light to shine in.  Keep as many obstructions away from windows as possible.
    • Make sure that you have working light bulbs in all your fixtures.
  • You can only make a first impression once:

    • Consider your front door, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders as a first impression.
    • Clear away all clutter, debris and spider webs from your entryway.  If needed, rent a power washer to get rid of stains.
    • Hide your trash cans where buyers will not see them when they pull up.
    • Keep a manicured lawn.
    • Fresh mulch and flowers add a pop of color that buyers love.
    • Store away your children’s bikes and outdoor toys when they are not being used.
    • Clean, Clean, Clean.  You’ll want your home to shine.
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