Expenses to Expect When Moving

plainfield il realtor on moving expenses

Plainfield IL Realtor Tips on Moving Expenses

plainfield il realtor on moving expenses

When moving into a new home understanding cost is imperative. You can expect the initial costs of your home purchase, closing costs, insurance, and others. It is common to neglect the funds it will take to actually move in. There are some typically unexpected costs that can arise which will definitely work against the excitement of moving into a new home. Here are a few expenses to remember when it comes to moving from Plainfield IL real estate agent Jeff Gregory.

Timing is Everything

One factor that will affect the cost of your move is the time of year. The busy season for moving companies is summer. This means that they have more demand for their services. With greater demand comes higher prices. If you are able to make your move during the slower times of year, you will be able to save yourself some money and get better service as well. Helping buyers think though all of their expenses is a key aspect of serving as a real estate agent in Plainfield IL. One little moving secret you’ll be glad to know is that Tuesday is the least preferred day to move. If you can utilize this day, you can expect greater availability on the part of moving companies.

How Big Is The Job?

Another significant factor that will affect the cost of your move is simply the size of the job. The more help you will need, the greater the cost. If you want the movers to pack everything up, load it, move it, unload it, and then unpack – you’ll be paying more than just the move itself. As a Plainfield IL Realtor it is helpful to provide ways to save buyers money. Decrease cost┬áby gathering up a group of friends to help you pack and load the truck. Some pizza and music might just be enough motivation. Remember that if you want specific services like a split pick up or delivery, you’ll have extra cost. Other extra costs that might arise include:

  • Requiring movers to bring furniture through a window if it doesn’t fit through the door
  • If your items need to be temporarily stored somewhere, you’ll be required to pay
  • Restrictions on access to your old or new home. If the movers need to carry your items a significant distance from or to the front door of either house, you’ll be charged for that
  • Requiring movers to climb stairs or wait for elevators
  • Any time the movers have to wait
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The Plainfield IL homes for sale are not staying on the market long, making preparation for buyers all the more important. For help buying your next home, contact Plainfield IL real estate agent Jeff Gregory.


One last factor that affects the cost of your move is insurance. ┬áMany moving companies include a sixty cents per item insurance with their standard services. For many buyers, this won’t be enough. As a real estate agent in Plainfield IL, it is recommended that you price a few different companies and see what friends and family can help with your move. Contact Plainfield IL REALTOR Jeff Gregory for all your real estate needs.


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