Add Home Appeal with Live Plants

minooka il realtor on plants for your home

Staging to Sell with Live Plants | Minooka IL Realtor

minooka il realtor on plants for your home

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just need some new life, using live plants is a great way to brighten things up. When preparing for buyer visits, adding some greenery to your house can give it the feeling of home. Buyers will envision what their life will be like in your house. Adding some plants is a great way to appeal to a large percentage of potential buyers. Here are a few keen ideas from Minooka IL Realtor Jeff Gregory about adding some life to the rooms of your home.

Let’s Get Cookin’

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms of the house. It is statistically the room that people spend most of their time. To liven up this room, consider placing some herbs on the counters or next to the window. Basil is a beautiful choice as it is frequently used in cooking and has broad green leaves. As a real estate agent in Minooka IL it is helpful to utilize creativity in preparation for home sales. Cilantro, mint, and chives are good as well. Herbs require a minimal effort to sustain and encourage a happy and healthy environment.

Yes, the Bathroom

This room is one that buyers will consider when they visit your home. Try adding some plants that don’t mind humidity. An orchid grabs the attention and communicates luxury. For this plant, use a rocky base and a plain flower pot to provide contrast to its natural beauty. Serving as a Realtor in Minooka IL has provided many opportunities to use creative ways help sellers prepare for the market.

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Small potted trees can enhance a living room, dining room, or patio. Make sure that they reach no more than two feet from the ceiling. A word of caution, however, is to use trees in a minimal capacity. Since they are larger than ordinary house plants, they can make a space seem small. If too many are placed in a given room it can seem more like a jungle than a living space. The idea is to add a little life to the room. Plants tend to provide a calming affect on people, making a buyer’s visit more pleasant overall. Serving as a real estate agent in Minooka IL requires preparing homes for buyer visits. Keep in mind that purchasing a home is an emotional experience. Small touches like live plants can go a long way in providing appeal to buyers.

Hang ‘Em Up

Hanging plants is another great addition to almost any home. They not only add life to a given room, but also a sense of style. Buyers will dream about reinventing their personal style in your home. Hanging plants encourage creative thinking about décor. Be careful what plants you use, however. You don’t want to choose something that will leave a mess on the floor. Don’t choose anything that requires a lot of maintenance or that has a short life. Adding appeal to your home without creating a demanding project is the goal. For more information about getting your home ready for the market, contact Minooka IL REALTOR Jeff Gregory.

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