7 Home Maintenance Chores Perfect for February

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7 Maintenance Tips for February | Joliet IL Real Estate Agent

Spring may very well be coming soon, but February can still bring plenty of harsh winter weather. Some of the harshest of the season in Joliet IL. That makes this month time for you to knock out some of these indoor tasks to have your Joliet IL house ready for warmer months.

We’ve created a handy checklist of home maintenance tasks to provide your property a good start in February. If you’re struggling to muster the energy to tackle these chores, we’ve provided strategies for how to do them faster and easier—or with the aid of an expert.

Check these to-do items off your list, then sit back and relax during the last couple of weeks of winter.

1. Spiff up the paint

Task: Freshen indoor paint on walls, cabinets, doors, and trim.

Shortcuts: Sometimes a once-over with a Magic Eraser sponge will remove marks and smudges, decreasing the need for a new paint job in your Joliet IL home. If that won’t cut it—and you will need to paint indoors in February—stir a tablespoon of clear vanilla extract in to the paint can to help make the smell less noxious. And in case you’re having trouble removing painter’s tape from furniture or walls, heat it briefly with a hair dryer.

Quick-Tricks-for-Home-Maintenance joliet real estate agent jeff gregoryGet in touch with the professionals: A painter will charge $200 to $400 for a 12-foot-square room. Since spring may be the busy season for painters, you might get a price reduction in the event that you hire one at the conclusion of winter. Which means now!

2. Give the laundry room a facelift

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Task: Clean and reorganize your laundry room so that it is roomier and more streamlined. Scrape dried-on laundry detergent from ridges in your washer, replace damaged bins, throw away laundry products you’re not using, and store the remainder in out-of-reach places to safeguard young ones.

Shortcuts: Make the most of every square inch of laundry room space. In the event that you don’t have room for a drying rack, extend a curtain rod over your machines to hang delicate clothes, and insert a “slim cart” in the middle of your washer and dryer to keep cleaning supplies. Also, try storing bins, buckets, and laundry bags on wall hooks to take back space.

Get in touch with the Joliet IL professionals: An expert home organizer costs $30 to $80/hour. As the organizer is rearranging your closets, ask her to work her magic in the laundry area, also.

3. Clean out dryer vents

Task: Clean the duct that connects the rear of your dryer to outside vents. If you don’t, lint along with other debris could reduce your dryer’s efficiency, increase energy bills, and could even cause fires. Also, be sure birds as well as other animals haven’t made a house in your warm and toasty vent.

Shortcuts: Twice per year, use a leaf blower to get rid of lint and debris from ducts. Also, cover the exterior vents with a thin mesh screen so birds and bugs don’t nest in ducts.

Call in the professionals: A professional can charge $92 to $162 to completely clean dryer vents and remove any clogs. If clogged vents are a persistent problem, the pro may recommend moving your dryer to an external wall so that the distance between dryer and outside vent is minimized.

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4. Clean refrigerator coils

Task: To help keep your refrigerator in tiptop shape and save energy, clean the refrigerator condenser coils found in the back or on the bottom of your refrigerator.

Shortcuts: Use a vacuum to completely clean coils (just be sure to pop the upholstery attachment on first). While you are at it, vacuum the ground under and behind the fridge, too. Then, shove a duster or refrigerator coil brush (about $5 and created for this exact purpose) between your coils, and clean the remaining dust, hair, and dirt still clinging to your coils.

Call in the Joliet professionals: The typical cost to fix a refrigerator is $200 to $400. In the event that the appliance is close to the end of its life, typically 14 to 17 years, replace it.

5. Clean and continue maintaining your sump pump

Task: Clean out your sump pump pit and then make sure the sump pump is functioning in February to get ready for the rise in groundwater that Jolieet spring rains may cause.

Shortcuts: Test the pump by pouring water into the sump pump pit, and confirm the pump ejects it the it’s supposed to. Make sure that you replace the pit cover after confirming the pump works. Also, be sure nothing obstructs the sump pump pipe, which drains water away from your house.

Get in touch with the pros : Labor to change a preexisting sump pump costs anywhere from $40 to $150.

6. Give your mattress some love

Task: Vacuum box springs as well as the mattress top and bottom. Rotate or flip the mattress.

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Shortcuts: For those who have a one-sided mattress—one side is padded; the other isn’t—don’t bother flipping; just rotate it to produce even aging. For those who have a two-sided mattress, flip every 2 months to avoid sags.

Get in touch with the professionals: A cleaning service will offer this kind of deep cleaning for $25 to $35/hour.

7. Search for leaks

Task: Inspect your home’s roof for missing shingles and damaged vent boots, and check your foundation for any cracks that may cause big problems when spring rains pour on your home.

Shortcut: Hold off until it rains, then climb into the attic to find leaks.

Call in the professionals: Roofing and foundation waterproofing companies can inspect and cure water problems. A roofing company will inspect your homes roof free of charge if it replaces shingles and repairs other roof damage. Costs typically vary from $100 to $350 to replace 10 square feet of asphalt shingles. Waterproofing companies can spray a sealant on foundation cracks for $250 to $1,000.

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